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Review of Schwinn 170 Upright Exercise Bike

Schwinn 170 upright bike review

Exercise or stationary bikes are starting to become more popular because of how convenient they are to use for a workout. People usually have to take extra time out of their day to visit the gym, and it can be stressful because of the heavy traffic, full parking, and monthly fees. However, now that there are many exercise equipment on the market that customers can bring home, it’s easier for people to get into shape. One of these products is the stationary bike.

A stationary bike is an exercise machine that is typically seen in a gym, and it is called stationary because one does not have to actually move the bike to get miles done. What is great about these types of exercise bikes is that they are not too bulky. They can easily be placed in the living room so that it can be used anytime. Of course, just like any other product, customers should choose wisely when picking out a stationary bike. With that said, here is one of the best stationary bikes available for purchase.

Schwinn 170 Uprigh Bike

The Schwinn 170 Upright Exercise Bike is an upright bike that focuses on providing comfort and convenience to users. Made with quality materials and state-of-the-art technology, it is an innovation that definitely proves why it is the best stationary bike to buy.

The following are some features and specifications of this upright stationary bike:

  • Schwinn DualTrack – Schwinn DualTrack with two backlit LCD window system is a technology that allows the user of the bike to view different feedback programs on the screen at the same time. This way, looking at the different goal tracking applications will not be a hassle.
  • Schwinn Connect – The Schwinn Connect website is where all of the goals tracked by the system will be transferred. With this system, customers will know the amount of time spent, the number of calories burned, and the distance met through this connection of a USB data transfer.
  • Resistance Quick Keys – It is important for a stationary bike to have a resistance keyboard so that customers will be able to change from easy to hard without much difficulty. This specific product has a total of ten (10) quick keys for resistance.
  • 29 Programs Installed – The Schwinn 170 Stationary Bike has a total of twenty-nine (29) programs for customers to utilize during their workout. It includes 12 profile programs, two programs for fitness tests, four slots to be customized by the user, and nine heart rate control programs.
  • USB Charging Port – It is not only used as a charging port, but it can also be used for data transfer. This makes it easier to transfer the data collected by the tracking system while providing another port for charging.

The Schwinn 170 Upright Stationary Bike has the following features mentioned above plus more. Customers will be able to fully experience an actual exercise routine without having to leave the house, and the end results are astounding. Check out this website to read more about the Schwinn 170 upright bike.