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Best Tennis Racquet Strings

Two tennis racquets

Importance of Tennis Strings

Tennis strings are the most important consideration when playing tennis; players can spend a lot of time comparing one racquet brand against the other but end up spending lot cash purchasing one of the adorable brands in the market paying no or little attention to the racquet strings. No matter how keen you are in selecting your racquet brand, the strings are everything the tension intensity of your string, the material of the make, the gauge of the string and its construction from a competitive perspective give you’re an upper hand against your opponent.

Strings make the difference; they give you the power to control and feel every stroke you make. With a looser string, you are guaranteed a more powerful stroke and a less wear of your arm, but the control on your racquet is limited. On the other hand, a more tight string offers your more control over the racquet and also helps you when you play the hard hit game. However, a tight or high tension string can injure your hand on the grip with a prolonged playing. What are some the best products that we have in the market today?

Polyester (Poly) – Luxilon ALU Power:

Unlike the Wilson NXT, this brand is monofilament- made of a single filament. The strings are made from polyester materials making up its durability easy to control nature. The Luxilon ALU Power outmatches other polyester made a string for its easiness to handle and the comfort the great touch that prevents hand injuries a shortcoming mainly associated with polyester made strings.


*It lasts longer as compared to other polyester strings
* Its design and make give much control over your racquet moves
* It is flexible and has a reasonable recoiling effect.


• Like most polyester material it can contribute to elbow injuries to the hand
• It has less playability

Natural Gut – Babolat VS Touch:

As far as tennis is concerned Natural Gut is one of the Best tennis Best tennis racquet strings strings in the market today first manufactured in the year 1875 the manufacturer has made various upgrades to the brand making it one of the best string brands to pay for.

Made by weaving several natural strands of cow gut the intensity and the elasticity of the make is one the best. The strands are resistant to moisture and are relatively durable compared to most of the brands we have in the market today.


*The Babolat VS Touch holds well in your play.
* Like any natural gut strings it gives you’re a safe play no injuries are associated with this string.
* It is relatively durable and lasts longer compared other strings


• It is expensive to purchase
• The variety limited there is no wide choice of items
• It does not stand up to the heavy hitting style in the modern tennis playing.

Multifilament – Wilson NXT:

Made from several intertwined micro fiber strings the Multifilament tennis strings offer great playability and protection to the hands. If you are the type of player that gets hand injuries and tennis elbow injuries, then this is the best brand for your game. It gives the discerned comfort prevent any injuries that may arise from the match. There are many types of the Multifilament tennis strings out there, but the Wilson NXT has gained global recognition as the best tennis racquet strings in the tennis world it is priced at less than 20$ per packet.
The main weakness about this string is its durability though going for a 16 gauge strand packet will last longer than the rest.


• It is less durable it gives to wear and tear easily.
• The hitting power generated is less compared to other strings


• It is shock absorbent
• It is also effective in holding tension
• And lastly, it is cheaper as compared to other strings in the market.

All said we are not discarding the importance of the racquet after all the racquet holds the string and thus the design of the racquet and the material of its make all contribute to the general output of the racquet. When selecting the best racquet in the market, much emphasis should be laid on the strings the thickness, gauge designation; width regarding millimeters should be the measures to which to gauge the best strings out there. If you’d like more information on this topic, take a look at Jeremy’s guide to finding the best strings for your racquet. He runs Tennis Racquet Central, one of the most reputable resources in the tennis sphere.